Cooking Shortcuts Using Dulce De Leche

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Cooking Shortcuts Using Dulce De Leche

Cooking Shortcuts Using Dulce De Leche

10 June 2020
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Modern home cooks have all kinds of tools and prepared products at their disposal to simplify their recipes and make creating beautiful, gourmet dishes a breeze. If you're looking for the next product that will help you step up your cooking game, try keeping some dulce de leche on hand. Although the name might bring to mind Mexican desserts you may not be familiar with, there are all kinds of ways to use dulce de leche as a shortcut in the recipes you already make and love.

Easy Cake Decorating

Dulce de leche is a delicious addition to almost any cake recipe. Vanilla, chocolate, and fruit flavors all synergize well with dulce de leche's rich caramel flavor. Use dulce de leche to add a fun surprise between cake layers or to decorate the outside of a cake with caramel drips, swirls, or other designs. Dulce de leche can also be swirled into frosting before you spread it on a cake for a fun and delicious marbled effect. Heated dulce de leche can be thinned with water to create a syrup for genoise cakes. Dulce de leche is an easy-to-use ingredient anytime you want to add some caramel to a cake. 

Quick Caramel Popcorn

Caramel popcorn is a tasty treat that is notoriously difficult to make. Luckily, dulce de leche is the perfect substitute for homemade caramel. Just pop some plain popcorn and mix it with some warm dulce de leche. Then either roll the mixture into popcorn balls or bake it at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes to create crunchy caramel popcorn. Your family can enjoy delicious homemade caramel popcorn in less than 15 minutes, and there will only be a few dirty dishes to clean.

Caramel Macchiatos at Home

Some coffeeshop drinks may seem inaccessible to the come cook. One of these drinks is the caramel macchiato. If you love ordering caramel macchiatos for your daily caffeine fix, buying some dulce de leche to keep in your fridge may be all it takes for you to enjoy them at home. To make your own version, simply mix a half cup of warm, foamed milk with a shot of espresso and a tablespoon of dulce de leche. Top the cup with a drizzle of extra dulce de leche for a beautiful effect.

To learn more about dulce de leche and how to use it in your home cooking, contact a specialty foods retailer in your area. Ask if you can buy dulce de leche from them.

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