Three Health Benefits Of Pistachios

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Three Health Benefits Of Pistachios

Three Health Benefits Of Pistachios

20 November 2015
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When choosing snacks, taste shouldn't be your only concern. You should be looking for options that don't just taste good, but those that also do your body good. Pistachios can offer both of these benefits. Take some time to learn just some of the health benefits these nuts offer to discover just why you should incorporate them into your diet.  

Weight Control

Having pistachios in place of a non-healthy snack can help you when it comes to weight control. Problems some people run in to when it comes to weight control is eating too much or eating foods with empty calories, both of which cause you to eat more than necessary and pack on the pounds.

Snacking on pistachios can help in this area because of the fact that they are rich in fiber. Foods that are rich in fiber keep you feeling full longer, helping you resist the urge to eat more than you need to.

Reduce Diabetes Risk

Before a person develops full-blown diabetes, they will often be classified as having prediabetes. Prediabetes is a condition that is categorized as a person who has a higher insulin level than an otherwise healthy individual. For people who fall in this high-risk category, incorporating pistachios into their diet can help curve their risk of prediabetes.

The exact science behind this discovery hasn't been concluded. However, some medical professionals believe that the fiber and protein received from pistachios can help reduce the likelihood of a person consuming fattening snacks that will increase their weight and ultimately increase their risk for diabetes.

Better Cholesterol Levels

Your cholesterol levels have a significant effect on your overall heart health. As one of your most vital organs, good heart health is important. Eating pistachios can help you manage your cholesterol levels and keep you healthier. After only a few weeks of eating pistachios, some people saw a 20% decrease in their bad cholesterol levels and a more than 40% increase in their good cholesterol levels, based on one study.

These types of results can help you reduce your risk of a stroke, heart disease and even increase your energy levels. Additionally, pistachios also contain a high-levels of antioxidants which can also be helpful in improving your cardiovascular health. 

When it comes to your health, you play the most important role. Make sure you are incorporating healthy snack ideas like pistachios into your diet to keep you looking good and feeling even better.

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