Making It Personal: How To Pair Wine Gift Baskets With Other Items To Delight The People On Your Gift List

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Making It Personal: How To Pair Wine Gift Baskets With Other Items To Delight The People On Your Gift List

Making It Personal: How To Pair Wine Gift Baskets With Other Items To Delight The People On Your Gift List

30 November 2015
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Wine gift baskets make wonderful gifts for nearly any occasion, and many people appreciate a gift of fine wine. However, it may be difficult to find a wine gift basket with just the right personal touch to make the gift unique for the loved ones on your gift list.

The great thing about wine gift baskets is how easy they are to personalize them by adding a few additional items to make them unique for each recipient.

Ideas for cooks

Wine and Italian food are the perfect companions. For the cook or aspiring chef on your gift list, you can fill a colander with essential ingredients to make the perfect Italian meal. Some good items to include are a box of pasta, a jar of pasta sauce, and Parmesan or Romano cheese.

For the ones who love to bake, you could fill a mixing bowl with a jar of dry yeast, a small bag of bread flour, a wooden spoon, and a bread recipe. A crusty loaf of homemade bread will compliment any meal where wine is served.

Ideas for aspiring writers

Writers often spend long hours working on their latest writing project, and they are sure to enjoy savoring a glass of wine while they are brainstorming new ideas. A small moleskin journal and pen will make a delightful addition to their gift of wine, and it will provide them with a place to record those exciting new ideas they come up with.

For a fun way to present your gift, you can find decorative storage boxes at your local craft store that look like books. Tuck the journal and pen inside the box. Not only will the writer  appreciate having a brand new journal, but they will also have an additional place to store their writing essentials.

Ideas for movie buffs

Making a gift of wine personal for those who love movies and entertainment is as easy as shopping for a DVD of their favorite movie or TV series. They will enjoy spending a relaxing evening with a great movie and a glass of wine.

A fun way to present the gift is to purchase a popcorn box at your local party supply store. Fill the popcorn box with a DVD, packs of gourmet popcorn, and a bottle of popcorn seasoning.

While wine gift baskets make great gifts alone, adding a few additional items can make your gift giving experience more personal and enjoyable. Not only will you feel good knowing you gave your friends and loved ones a gift uniquely designed for them, but they will appreciate a gift that celebrates the things they love.

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