4 Must Try Chocolate Treats From Around The World

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4 Must Try Chocolate Treats From Around The World

4 Must Try Chocolate Treats From Around The World

3 August 2016
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Chocolates are a must for certain special occasions, especially Christmas and the Holiday season. Having said that, chocolates are great at all times of the year, and seem to be enjoyed by most nations across the world. Read on and discover a few chocolate treats that are endemic to certain nationalities that you absolutely must try.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

In the United States, there seems to be a bit of a bacon epidemic going around the entirety of the country. What was once thought of as a savory breakfast item is now being paired with many unlikely items – including sweets – for a number of tastes that pair quite well together. One cannot downplay the fact that bacon pairs exceptionally well with chocolate. Bacon chocolate chip cookies are quite easy to construct, too. Simply add crushed bacon into your cookie batter before cutting and placing the cookies in the oven. What was already a filling treat becomes that much more filling and flavorful.

Cioccolata Calda

Don't forget that chocolate also works well as a beverage. Italy certainly hasn't forgotten this fact. Cioccolata calda, known Stateside as Italian hot chocolate or Italian chocolate milk, is not too much different than regular hot chocolate or chocolate milk. However, while in the United States, the dairy portion far outweighs the amount of chocolate put into the beverage, the ratio is skewed in favor of chocolate in Italy.

German Chocolate Cake

No list of chocolate treats from across the world could ever be complete without the addition of Germany's own chocolate cake. This dish can only be described as excessively chocolaty, with a base that is constructed from chocolate mix, and topped with a frosting that is not only rich with frosting, but also includes coconut. Many variations on the German chocolate cake also add pecans to the mix. Many Germans enjoy this cake with friends or family on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Chocolate Ice Cream Mochi

Although Japan might not be the first country that you think of when it comes to delectable chocolate treats, they sure know how to do them right. For this dessert dish, chocolate ice cream is wrapped in a rice dough known as mochi. It is powdered with corn starch, which keeps the dough from becoming a mess all over your face and fingers and also keeps the ice cream from melting too quickly. This chocolate dish is certainly has a unique, hearty, rice flavor that most Western dessert dishes lack. Talk to a confectioner, like Mindy's Munchies LLC, for more ideas.

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