Caribbean Dishes Everybody Should Try Once

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Caribbean Dishes Everybody Should Try Once

Caribbean Dishes Everybody Should Try Once

7 July 2021
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If you have been curious about Caribbean cuisine, you might have wondered how you can incorporate delicious dishes from the islands into your own meals. If you have access to a store that offers Caribbean foods and other staples, you can try these delicious dishes at your own home.

Do you want to try Caribbean cuisine? These are some of the foods you should try.

Jerk Chicken

One of the most accessible Caribbean dishes is jerk chicken. Jerk chicken involves a dry rub or marinade that is both spicy and sweet, creating a unique flavor. Jerk chicken can be paired with rice and kidney beans, though it also pairs with veggies as well.

Pepper Shrimp

In the mood for seafood? Peppered shrimp is a great option packed with flavor. Shrimp is mixed with butter, thyme, garlic, and spicy peppers, to create quite a kick. It's great as both a snack or an addition to a meal.


You have to try plantains if you have any interest in Caribbean food. Plantains are similar to bananas, but chefs cook them to serve alongside a meal. They are a sweet addition to a savory meal, or you might enjoy them on their own as a sweet snack.

Fish Broth

Fish broth often contains fish, herbs, vegetables, and dumplings. Broth is made differently in different homes and restaurants, creating unique flavors everywhere you go. This is a great main course if you love seafood.


Pepperpot is another Caribbean staple. This dish is a stew containing an assortment of ingredients, often including eggplant, potatoes, squash, and okra. It may contain dumplings and beef. If you want to show off your creative chops, this is a dish you can customize to your own liking.

Curried Lobster

Do you need another seafood dish? Curried lobster is a great choice if you love curry powder and spice. Lobster is cooked with tomato, onion, garlic, and a variety of seasonings.

If you love curry flavors but aren't interested in seafood, you can exchange lobster for goat to create a similar dish.

Check Out an African Store for Ingredients

Are you looking for the right ingredients to make these dishes? Do you need produce not often found in your local supermarkets, such as plantains, jerk seasoning, or other ingredients? You may find that an African style store has all the ingredients you need to make these dishes in the comfort of your own home. Check out a local shop today to make these recipes come to life.

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