4 Things To Know About Chimichurri Sauce

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4 Things To Know About Chimichurri Sauce

4 Things To Know About Chimichurri Sauce

13 September 2021
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Chimichurri sauce is a type of steak sauce that originates from Argentina. It typically consists of canola oil, salt, paprika, guinea spice, garlic, oregano, parsley, and vinegar. The end result is a refreshing, tangy sauce filled with spices and earthy flavors. If you're ready to add chimichurri sauce to your home's menu, here are a few things you should know.

1. Chimichurri Sauce is Ideal for Those with Dietary Restrictions

As long as it's prepared in an environment that takes measures to eliminate cross-contamination, chimichurri sauce is a great condiment for individuals with special dietary needs. It's gluten, egg, and dairy-free. Chimichurri sauce contains no animal parts and is suitable for vegetarians or vegans. 

There is no sugar and only a minute amount of carbohydrates in a serving of chimichurri, making it a terrific alternative for individuals who need to follow a diet low in sugar or carbohydrates. 

2. The Taste of Chimichurri Sauce Changes as it Ages

Thanks to the presence of vinegar, the ingredients in chimichurri sauce are pickled over time. This changes the taste of the sauce and doesn't mean the sauce has gone bad. Some people prefer the fresh taste of chimichurri sauce, while others enjoy an aged sauce. 

Once you open a jar of chimichurri sauce, eat it within a few weeks to ensure the best taste and flavors. A jar of chimichurri sauce that hasn't been opened will typically last at least a few months. Thanks to the long shelf life, it's reasonable to order chimichurri sauce in bulk so that you always have some on hand. 

If you have an open jar of chimichurri sauce that you want to save, know that the sauce freezes well. In the freezer, chimichurri sauce lasts a few months.

3. Chimichurri Sauce is a Nutritious Addition to Any Meal

The herbs and spices used to make chimichurri sauce add healthy nutrients to your meal or snack. Some of the nutrients found in chimichurri sauce include vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, iron, and heart-healthy fat. 

4. You Can Add Chimichurri Sauce to a Variety of Foods

While chimichurri sauce is conventionally served with meat, this isn't the only way you can enjoy it. Try topping your favorite cracker or bread with a little chimichurri sauce. Or, you can use it as a flavorful dip for your chips and vegetables.

Some individuals like to top their soup, eggs, or pizza with chimichurri sauce. You can also use the sauce as a base to make your own salad dressing. Keep these tips in mind as you look for wholesale chimichurri sauce, which you can find at your local store, such as Cordoba Foods- Gaucho Ranch Foods.

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